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Safeguarding Notice

Spotland Primary School is committed to safeguarding the children and young people in our care. We expect all staff, governors, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment. For details please see our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy or pick up a leaflet at the office.

For more information please click here to read our Safeguarding Policy.

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Assistant Headteacher (AHT) for Inclusion

Mrs Jagger’s role, along with the staff, is to ensure that every child is healthy. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Curriculum that teaches about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Healthy School status
  • Healthy school dinners
  • Water in all classes
  • Trained first aiders
  • Keeping records of any allergies, medical diagnosis etc.
  • Keeping in date medication
  • Health Care Plans
  • Liaising with outside agencies


We teach the children how to be healthy through PE, Science and PSHE. We take part in the Daily Mile. We also take part in various initiatives to help promote healthy living and lifestyles as they are presented to us. https://thedailymile.co.uk/

Healthy Eating

Our school meals are prepared on site and are a balanced and healthy choice. There is plenty of choice for our children. All our meals are Halal. http://www.rochdale.gov.uk/business-and-industry/Pages/catering-services.aspx

Some families decide to send their child with a packed lunch. We do monitor these to ensure that they are suitable and healthy.

We do not use sweets or chocolate as rewards. We do hold an Easter raffle, with Easter Eggs as a reward, but feel that this teaches the children that this type of food is okay in small quantities.

School Nursing Team

We have a named School Nurse. She works closely with us to provide support and advice to parents. School can make referrals to this team, so contact school if this is required. https://www.ourrochdale.org.uk/kb5/rochdale/directory/service.page?id=FjeisVMY_sk

Health Care Plans

Some children have specific health needs and therefore require a Health Care Plan (HCP). This is drawn up after liaising with medical professionals, parents and the child. It is shared via our CPOMS system and training is booked if required. If your child has a health condition that you feel may need this plan then please speak to Mrs Jagger.

Health Posters

Each class displays posters so staff and visitors can be aware for medical/health needs. We have a list of children who wear glasses and children with a food allergy. The canteen and Breakfast Club have up to date information regarding any allergies.

First Aid

We have many members of staff that have a variety of first aid training. We have first aid stations and follow strict procedures. We take first aiders and packs with us on every trip. Please see the policy for further details.


We have many children in school that need an inhaler. It is the family’s responsibility to inform school if a child has asthma and to provide medication. We fill in an asthma plan and have the medication in class. This medication is taken on all trips.

Infection Control

Throughout their lives children do become ill. Whilst we encourage every child to attend school every day we do realise that some illnesses require them to take time off. We take advice from the Public Health Agency.

Sun Safety
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